Petarlo es cuando tienes 20 años y tus ilustraciones conquistan Asia

Petarlo es cuando tienes 20 años y tus ilustraciones conquistan Asia
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Cuántas veces has visto una película de animación y has imaginado cómo sería en acción real. Qué intérprete haría el papel de Bella (vale, sin contar a Emma Watson), Frozen o la niña de 'Monstruos SA'. Tatiana MoonS lleva preguntándose lo mismo desde que tenía 12 años. Hoy, con 20, hace ilustraciones que alcanzan los 15 mil likes en Instagram. Y muchos de ellos vienen de Asia.

Se puede ser española y que tus ilustraciones lo molen todo en Asia: Preguntar por Tatiana

La Tatiana de 12 años soñaba con convertirse en diseñadora de moda. Mientras tanto, comenzó a dibujar algo con lo que han empezado muchos ilustradores: princesas Disney. Pero el estilo de Tati MoonS aportaba algo distinto. Estaba influenciado por el cine del estudio Ghibli. Ya sabes, los de 'El viaje de Chihiro'.

Ese estilo realista lo perfeccionó con los años, obteniendo un salto de calidad el día que le regalaron por Navidad una tablet Wacom Intous. El talento lo tenía, la técnica ya podía aplicarla y la constancia llegó el verano de 2017 cuando decidió que tenía que dibujar todos los días.

Tras pasarnos por su perfil de Instagram, no nos ha sorprendido nada la viralidad que han alcanzado sus creaciones. Un talento artístico unido de manera brillante con los objetivos de su obra: personajes de de animación que están dentro del imaginario colectivo y la cultura popular convertidos en (casi) personas de carne y hueso que rozan el erotismo. Así nada puede salir mal.

Violeta de 'Los increíbles'

Here is my version of a grown up Violet from The Incredibles shoutout to her bc she is the reason I wanted to be a emo when I was like 6 HD images, process and more on my patreon page ____ tools paint tool sai + photoshop cs6 + wacom intuos art. took around 15 hours. ____ And about the art, I kept her dark cool style I think and I wanted to add her some tattoos but wasn't sure which ones so I finally forgot and about the t shirt welllll when I started looking for references of her, I was only founding that 'he looked at me' gif that is fucking viral and it's ok but now I wanted her to be like an independent woman so yeah that's why the t shirt. And ups since her breast are not as big as my Boo one, I guess there will be no males offended because 'shE IssS sHowiNg LikkEEe A LooOot aNd LOoOk LikkE a hOoe' sorry my girls if you have to listen to that shit, I wanted to say I love u all face tatts inspired by @toopoor I love her sm I will paint her and some more girls that inspire me soon edit for the ppl who asked about the bad comments of the Boo painting, there were in a fanpage acc, not in my instagram acc. there are still some left but mostly were deleted by the ppl who wrote them

Boo (la niña de) 'Monstruos SA'

Elsa de 'Frozen'

Aurora de 'La bella durmiente'

Sailor Moon

| Fanart painting of my grown up version of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) ____ I am really sorry because this not look as 'realistic' as the other ones I have (I have no a realistic style but you get me). Please forgive me, I am trying to learn new things and this is my first background, and the pose is not as static as always. I have to improve a lot You can comment a tip for backgrounds and compositions and we all can help each other ____ Second, if you think she is Asian it's not that true, she lives in Japan but it's technically an alien since she is from the Moon. As I said, I decided to go white with her bc since there are many girls I will make them some asians some blacks and even with alien stuff etc ____ And about the art, I decided to go with her at night time having fun in her bedroom with her phone and computer and all that things. The outfit is very simple but tbh almost we all are that confortable when we are around our beds. And many of you asked me why she has a scar, I supposed that since she is a fighter she has to have some of them, look badass and I love it Planned to add her a 'fight like a girl' tattoo but damnit I love scarifications and I think is more original that way. Sorry for this super short description I don't think anybody read this but _____ tools photoshop cs6 (default brushes) and paint tool sai (custom brushes). surface pro 2 with my wacom intuos art tablet. took around 18-20 hours (aka forever)


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